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Chambliss Mortgage Capital is setting a new standard for residential investment and commercial property lending. Technology is a convenience, but it should not take the place of a good human experience, education, and organized action steps needed to achieve your real estate desires. That is what you’ll receive with our private money lending team.

Our mortgage consultants take a consultative approach to the lending process, so you know what to expect and what to look out for in your loan process to minimize any challenges and/or avoid unwanted surprises.  Everyone’s situation is unique, so take advantage of a complimentary mortgage consultation today with one of our trusted mortgage consultants.

Randy Chambliss

NMLS #145175 Managing Principal & Mortgage Consultant (504) 270-2783

Veronica Chambliss

NMLS #624877 Managing Principal & Mortgage Consultant (504) 715-4388

Alisa Everest

Transaction Coordinator

Terri Rivera

Director of Funding Partnerships

Randy Chambliss, Founder & Managing Principal

"The Private Money Lender"

From a struggling husband and father of seven, barely meeting his family’s living expenses, to leading multimillion-dollar mortgage and real estate enterprises.  His courage and determination have inspired his students and clients that they too can beat the financial trap of living an average life and create a new rewarding life that is barely recognizable. 

As Founder and Managing Principal of Financial Success University and Chambliss Mortgage Capital, Randy has developed programs, curriculums and trainings around the principles that have transformed countless of his students lives and altered the trajectory of their family’s futures.

For over 19 years starting from his first financial service company, Randy has been teaching commonsense personal development, financial and real estate success principles that work every time if applied. The expertise he brings is often more valuable than the capital he provides because he helps his students and clients save time, money and avoid mistakes since he’s successfully completed countless real estate deals.  For example, it may take his students 10-years to figure out on their own what Randy’s done 45 times in the last 30-days. 

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