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Chambliss Mortgage Capital offers the widest range of investor loans so that private money brokers can expand their product offerings and grow their lending business. Our broker program is perfect for mortgage loan originators and real estate investors (i.e. wholesalers, etc.) who need financing for their investors. CMC combines a common sense approach into underwriting with a simple process. This combination provides brokers an opportunity to serve an untapped and underserved market of repeat borrowers (i.e. real estate investors, builders, developers and small business owners).


We are 100% committed to the success of every referral client’s project and the growth of every broker partner’s business. Your client is your client. We respect that and have measures in place to prevent circumvention. Broker protection is a top priority.

Light Loan Documentation

Our loan process allows real estate investors to avoid the intrusive document-gathering and mountains of endless paperwork typically found with other lending institutions. We do not require income verification, tax returns, typical requests from other lenders. We have a quick and straightforward condition list that can be completed fast – allowing our investors to focus on their properties rather than the hassle of tracking down and providing infinite documents and files.


Brokers recognize that Chambliss Mortgage Capital is a direct private money lender that makes loans solely for business purposes only (and not for personal or consumer use) and is exempt from licensing in all states in which it operates. Chambliss Mortgage Capital does not lend on owner-occupied properties, only residential investment, and commercial properties. We use private capital to fund our loans, so we do not lend to owner-occupied residential dwellings under any circumstances. If your client/borrower/referral lives in the property that they want to borrow against or want to purchase a property they want to live in, we cannot lend them money for those purposes.

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