Stabilized Bridge Loans

We Fund, You Grow Assets and Your Community Prospers

Simple and no-nonsense stabilized bridge loans

Stabilized Bridge Loans

Chambliss Mortgage Capital's new Stabilized Bridge loans provide you with more flexibility for your investment properties. As the market changes, so do we! CMC continues to adapt to the ever-changing rental market. With our newly developed bridge financing options on properties nationwide, our team will find the best option to reach your investment goals.

Flexible short term loans for stabilized properties. Fast Financing For a Fast-Paced Market

Key Features:

Light Documentation


Our loan process allows real estate investors to avoid the intrusive document-gathering and mountains of endless paperwork typically found with other lending institutions. We do not require income verification, tax returns, months or years of bank statements, or many of the other typical requests from other lenders. We have a quick and straightforward condition list that can be completed fast – allowing our investors to focus on their properties rather than the hassle of tracking down and providing infinite documents and files.


1What is the seasoning period for stabilized bridge loans?

We can refinance properties at any time, but the loan is structured based on the as-is value only after 12 months after the property was purchased.

2Are vacant properties accepted?

Yes, vacant properties that are rent ready are eligible within this program. The in-place DSCR calculation will be based on the market rent.