Helping You Scale Your Rental Property Portfolio

About the program


Chambliss Mortgage Capital's rental loan programs allow real estate investors to expand their rental portfolios faster with 30-year, fixed-rate financing. Our programs require little documentation because borrowers are qualified on the property’s income/debt service coverage ratio. This loan program can be used to purchase a property, refinance an existing property, or perform a cash-out refinance to harvest existing equity.

Countless number of our borrowers use the “BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) Method” of real estate investing, using our rehab financing program in conjunction with our long-term rental loan program. Our rehab loans provide financing for the purchase and rehab, and our rental program offers great 30-year, fix rate terms when refinancing a newly renovated property into a passive income-producing rental property.

Light Documentaion


Our loan process allows real estate investors to avoid the intrusive document-gathering and mountains of endless paperwork typically found with other lending institutions. We do not require income verification, tax returns, months and years of bank statements, or many of the other typical requests from other lenders. We have a quick and straightforward condition list that can be completed fast – allowing our investors to focus on their properties rather than the hassle of tracking down and providing infinite documents and files.

Residential Investment Loan Program


As a private money portfolio lender, we have the freedom to set our own underwriting guidelines. And because our common-sense, asset-based lending approach is focused on the property’s value and revenue-generating potential instead of the borrower’s personal income, you have a better chance of getting approved for the capital you need from us than from a traditional lender.
Customizable for each investor, our program combines lower payments on a fixed-rate loan for up to 30 years, with an option for interest-only payments for up to 10 years.

Mixed-Use Loan Program


Our experience in providing mixed-use property financing allows us to see the potential that other less-experienced lenders may miss. Our mixed-use property financing program offers investors easy qualification on the purchase or cash-out refinance of a mixed-use building and includes the flexibility to remain in the loan for up to 30 years.
Since our loans are asset-based, personal income is not required. The loan amount is based on the value of the property and its revenue-generating potential. This is where our expertise in evaluating the tenant mix and value of mixed-use buildings is essential in approving loans for self-employed investors and small business owners.

Multi-Family Loan Program

Are you seeking financing for apartment buildings with five or more units? If so, our asset-based mortgage programs can help you even if you are a self-employed borrower who often invests in multi-family buildings and writes off their expenses against their income. While this is a wise tax-saving strategy for real estate investors, it reduces your personal income and may make it difficult to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan.
Our asset-based investment property mortgage programs are an excellent alternative because they focus on the value of the property and its revenue-generating potential, thus eliminating the personal income reporting requirements of traditional loans.