Referral Program

You Refer, We Fund and You Get Paid

Referral Program

Chambliss Mortgage Capital’s referral program is perfect for mortgage loan originators and real estate investors (i.e. wholesalers, flippers, etc.) who need financing for their investors. You simply provide contact information, and your Account Relationship Manager takes care of the rest. We will pay you when your referrals close a loan.

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    Learn More

    Ask your Chambliss Mortgage Capital's Account Relationship Manager about the program or read the terms and conditions below for more details.

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    Enroll in the Referral Program

    Complete the form below and a W-9 form will be emailed from your Account Relationship Manager.

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    Start Marketing and Make the Connection

    Introduce future borrowers to your Account Relationship Manager via phone or email.

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    We’ll work with your referral to close the deal. You will be paid once a month for closed loans.

Partner Referral Form

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Submit your contact information below and an Account Relationship Manager will contact you for a complimentary phone consultation to learn about your real estate investing goals. We'll share actionable steps that we will work together.

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Terms and Conditions

We want to reward you for referring quality borrowers! Our referral program is Chambliss Mortgage Capital’s way of saying “thank you” for your partnership! As an invite only program, we identify and select industry leaders with clients who have investment opportunities. We offer the most competitive Fix & Flips, rentals, multi-family, mix-use, and small commercial products in the space. We offer you quicker, easier opportunities to close more deals – and we want to thank you for the leads you send us.

The best way to start is speaking with a loan officer about your deal by calling (504) 356-9100 or filling out our “Get A Quote” form. If you want to run some numbers on your deal, check out our Rental Loan Calculator or our Fix & Flip Calculator.

You will receive a referral fee equal to 0.50% (ex. $250,000 x 0.50% = $1,250) of the total loan amount for their first loan for each client that funds as a result of your referral. You will receive your referral payment one month after the loan funds. For example, you will receive payment in December for a referred loan that closed in November. Clients must be introduced prior to loan application for you to be eligible for a referral payment. Referral must be claimed prior to borrower’s loan application date.

You can receive compensation for all new borrowers you refer to Chambliss Mortgage Capital. A “new” borrower is defined as a borrower who has not had an application with Chambliss Mortgage Capital in the last 24 months or closed a loan with Chambliss Mortgage Capital in the past. You cannot receive referral compensation for personal deals or deals for any business entity in which you have or have had an ownership stake. Chambliss Mortgage Capital will always advocate for the preservation of the referral relationship. However, the referred client may request removal of the referring party in writing.

Referring Party recognizes that Chambliss Mortgage Capital is a private money lender that makes loans solely for business purposes only (and not for personal or consumer use) and is exempt from licensing in all states in which it operates. Chambliss Mortgage Capital does not lend on owner-occupied properties, only residential investment, and commercial properties. We use private capital to fund our loans, so we do not lend to owner-occupied residential dwellings under any circumstances. If your client/borrower/referral live in the property that they want to borrow against or wants to purchase a property they want to live in, we cannot lend them money for those purposes.


Referring Party is and shall be responsible for being in full compliance with Laws of the state in which the Referring Party transacts business. Referring Party shall make prompt, timely, full, accurate, and truthful disclosures to Chambliss Mortgage Capital and prospective clients.


Referring Party understands and acknowledges they are an independent contractor and shall not represent itself in any manner to be the agent, servant, employee, representative, partner, or co-venturer of Chambliss Mortgage Capital. Referring Party acknowledges that they have made Chambliss Mortgage Capital aware of any criminal convictions or current/pending civil/criminal actions. Referring Party acknowledges that failure to disclose this information will result in removal from Chambliss Mortgage Capital’s Client Referral Program, and forfeiture of any outstanding fees.


Referring Party shall not submit deals on behalf of a family member unless explicit permission from Chambliss Mortgage Capital has been obtained. Family members may always apply through standard retail channels. The Referring Party must make Chambliss Mortgage Capital aware if they have any interest in the transaction outside of acting as the Referring Party. Personal deals by the Referring Party will be priced at current retail pricing.


Chambliss Mortgage Capital reserves the right to remove a Referring Party from a deal for any reason at any time, including upon request of the client. Referring Party shall have no authority to solicit, bind, or commit Chambliss Mortgage Capital to any contract or transaction, whether for replacement of a loan or for any other purpose, and Referring Party shall not represent in any manner to anyone that Referring Party has such authority.


Chambliss Mortgage Capital and its partners and affiliates, in its sole and absolute discretion, may elect to accept or reject any mortgage loans submitted to it by the Referring Party under Agreement. Final approval of any mortgage loan is contingent upon satisfactory completion of Chambliss Mortgages Capital and its partners and affiliates underwriting of both the borrower and the subject property. Chambliss Mortgage Capital may terminate this agreement at any time.


Chambliss Mortgage Capital may choose to alter the terms of this agreement at any time. The referral partner will be notified in writing of the changes and may choose to continue to participate or terminate the relationship.