Veronica Chambliss

Meet the Team

"Co-Founder & Managing Principle"​

Originally Mrs. Veronica Chambliss comes from a sales background in telecommunications prior to working with JPMorgan Chase Bank, Movement Mortgage, Geneva Financial, and Chambliss Mortgage Capital. She has been developing residential properties since 2016 and has been a licensed mortgage loan originator since 2013. She is an active Realtist/Realtor, Board Secretary for the New Orleans local chapter of NAREB, and is a Managing Partner of a real estate investment firm that acquires, owns, and manages residential properties.

She has served as Managing Principle for Chambliss Mortgage Capital (CMC) since its conception. Her role is to support the operations staff, facilitate the success
of brokers and borrowers to manage loans through origination and underwriting processes, build and maintaining customer relationships, and educate potential borrowers and brokers on Chambliss Mortgage Capital’s diverse asset-based loan product line.

She has been in the financial industry since 2007 and has built trusted relationships with clients and her personal sphere of influence. She came from being a struggling single mom to discovering her passion for mortgages and real estate development, which lead her to her current position at Chambliss Mortgage Capital.

Veronica believes that careful planning and educating all parties involved in a mortgage transaction is the key to an exciting and stress-free private money lending experience.

Mrs. Chambliss’ mission is to educate and guide investors through the entire private money loan process, so that they feel comfortable and confident about your funding strategy.

How our funding process works?

CMC’s Private Money Lending Advantage…

8 Steps to Buying a Home

At Chambliss Mortgage Capital (CMC) our goal is to help you avoid the traditional stressful, confusing and lengthy loan process with our streamlined funding experience. We do things differently from traditional banks and mortgage companies from start to finish and beyond the closing. See our funding process in action below…

Your CMC mortgage consultant will learn about your goals, assess your credit & liquidity, establish proper expectations and discuss your funding options tailored to your real estate business.

We gather as much information up front as possible giving us the rocket fuel to fly through the loan process.

This is where we need your help getting all your documents in as quickly as possible. You will provide your mortgage consultant with all the requested light document such as Identification, Bank Statements and Business Articles of Organization.

We partner up with the best 3rd party appraisal management companies that provides appraisal reports as quick as possible.

Our loan process is goal-driven rather than deadline-focused. Traditional lenders just work towards a closing date (i.e. a deadline). This typically leads to rushing around hours before closing or even missing the closing date. At CMC we try to avoid the last minute craziness by working towards a 10-day goal. Our 10 business day loan process is unique so it gives our borrowers the competitive advantage to close more deals faster.

Once all the documents have been received by the processor, the loan is then moved to Underwriting. Within 48-hours the Underwriter will review your loan and verify that all guidelines and conditions have been met. If any items are missing or if the underwriter needs some clarity we will request the additional items (no alarm or worries) but if all conditions are met then the file is moved to the “Committee” to officially issue an Agree to Fund (ATF).

Once reviewed by underwriting, the committee approves the deal within 48-hours and sends out an Agree to Fund (ATF) that outlines the final terms of the deal. The file than moves to our closing team where we will confirm the insurance coverage with the insurance agent, confirm the closing date with the title settlement company and begin creating the closing documents.

We work closely with the title settlement company and closing attorney to balance the numbers (i.e. confirm the total funds needed for the closing) and assemble the final closing settlement statement and loan documents. All the steps we completed leading up to this point ensures that the closing is a smooth experience without the last minute craziness. Now, you can enjoy the moment.

Where we lend?

Chambliss Mortgage Capital is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, our outreach expands far beyond the borders of Louisiana. We deploy capital in over 40 states throughout the country while maintaining the human experience and communication you would expect from your most trusted local mortgage lender.