Small Business Funding

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Small Business Funding

Getting a business loan with a traditional bank can be difficult, if not impossible in today's market. At Chambliss Mortgage Capital (CMC), we understand that growing a business is not an easy task, that’s why we offer flexible revenue-based financing solutions to help fit your business’ unique needs.

Chambliss Mortgage Capital was created to be different. CMC was created to drive economic inclusion growth by empowering underserved small businesses with access to capital. We believe revenue-based financing options enable small businesses to access working capital when they need it most. Why shouldn't your business have access to working capital, just like the big corporations? We pair you with one of our trusted private capital funders that is committed to working with small businesses. Chambliss Mortgage Capital is dedicated to helping small businesses with funding amounts from $2,000 to $250,000.

Chambliss Mortgage Capital is a leader in the revenue based-lending, providing private capital to countless of entrepreneurs in all 50 states. A revenue based financing solution is an agreement to exchange your future business revenue for an upfront amount of cash advanced to you immediately. Revenue based-lending is successfully used by nearly every type of small business, including: restaurants, doctors, construction, consultants, health care, child care, trucking and many others!

Fast Financing For a Fast-Paced Market

Key Features:

Light Documentation

  1. Business Application
  2. Voided Business Check
  3. Clear Drivers License
  4. Last 3-Months of Bank Statements (all pages)


1How is the revenue based funds paid?

Typically, the private money funder will purchase future receivables. Your business typically makes payment to the private money funder daily or weekly via ACH debit drawn from your business checking account.

2What type of rates or fees should I expect?

The rates and fees charged by our private money funding partners will vary based on multiple factors. Things like past revenue, time in business, FICO scores, and your industry will all play a part. Typically, they are based on a factor rate.

3What are the fees associated with Chambliss Mortgage Capital's service?

We simply receive an origination fee from our private funding partners once you have been funded.

4Do any of your private money funders offer start-up business financing?

You must have at least 6-months of time in business and prove at least $5,000 in gross revenues per month for the last 3-months. .

5How long will I have to repay the funds back?
Our private money funders have many different programs and term lengths. The majority of these programs are repaid within 2-12 months. For example: a $12,000 capital fund may have a 90-day term.
6How much private money funding can I get?

Our private money funding programs range from $2,000 to $250,000. The amount our private money funders may offer you will depend on many factors. Things like past revenue, time in business, FICO scores, and your industry will all play a part.  Private Money Funders will look at your business and unique situation.

7Can I pay back the funds early?
Yes, there isn't a prepayment penalty. In fact, typically our private money funders will even offer reduced payment amounts if the advance is paid early.
8What is a private money funder and the basic requirements to obtain funding?

We work with non-affiliated 3rd party funders called “Private Money Funders” that provide fast small businesses capital by purchasing future receivables. We attain your request and work with you to secure the capital you need for your business. For most of our programs, you only need to be in business for a minimum of 6 months, earn at least $5,000 in gross monthly revenue, and have a minimum FICO score of 500.

9Does it cost anything to start the process?
You do not incur a fee to start the process or review any private money funding option we share with you. In the event that you secure funding through our services, you will be charged an origination fee.
10What information I will need to provide?

Very little information and light paperwork is required. It's an easy one-page application (i.e. takes less than 10-minutes to complete), the last 3-months of bank statements, clear copy of a driver’s license and a clear copy of a void check are all that are needed for funding. There may be times when a private money funder may ask for other items such as tax returns and P&L statement for funding requestes over $150,000.

11How long will it take to receive my funds?
Funding will usually take place within 1-3 business days and in some cases same day funding.

Disclaimers: Listed rates, terms, and conditions are offered only to qualified borrowers, may vary by loan product, deal structure, business state, or other applicable considerations, and are subject to change at any time without notice. No information on this site is intended to, or shall, created a legally binding commitment or obligation on the part of Chambliss Mortgage Capital, affiliates, 3rd party non-affliates, and all terms are expressly subject to Chambliss Mortgage Capital’s private money funding partners’ credit, legal, and investment approval.